Kevin Ecock's School of Wine

Welcome to my School of Wine.

I have been teaching wine in Ireland for almost twenty years.

These pages will let you know what courses I am currently selling, where they are taking place and how much they are selling for.

I am a member of The Association of Wine Educators and lecture of behalf of the Wine Board of Burgundy. Recently I attended the amazing Sherry Educator's Course in Jerez. I am now a Certified Sherry Educator!  

I write regular wine editorials for Checkout Magazine and, as the opportunity arises, I write for other magazines also.

I publish a mean wine blog titled 'Free Running with Kevin Ecock'. Sometimes I even give wine away through the blog!

Contact me if you need a wine speaker or a wine presenter. I am always for hire!

The Association of Wine Educators web site tells us that  'The members of AWE are people who know their onions when it comes to wine. But they are so much more than mere fonts of knowledge: they are professionals at imparting that knowledge and experts at inspiring, enthusing and encouraging the wine-drinking consumer to buy other than by price alone.


Through educating and entertaining they engage their audiences in the pleasure of wine to the ongoing benefit of buyer and seller alike'

What can I add?      Proud to be a member.